Step 3 - Expressing Interest

You must already have completed a Housing Register Application and had your 'Active' status approved by the Housing Options Team to be able to bid for available properties.

Bidding on a property expresses your interest, and does not guarantee that an offer will be made.

You can bid in one of the following ways:

Online through our website. Login using your login-reference number and your memorable date (for many people this is their date of birth the first time they login)
By telephoning our 24hr automated bidding line on 0300 111 3570 (normal rate calls)
By texting 07786 201 131

You can bid for a maximum of three properties per week, but please only bid for a property if you would accept an offer of a tenancy.

All adverts have a property reference number that you will need to quote to bid.

Bidding on the internet

From your ‘My Account’ page you will be able to view a list of all the properties you are eligible for under the ‘Properties that you can bid for’ section. Alternatively you can use the Property Search page to search for all available properties.

When searching through properties you will be given the option to ‘Apply now’ if you are eligible for the property. If you click 'Apply now' you will be asked to confirm your bid before it is confirmed.

You will be able to withdraw any bids within the period of the advert cycle on the ‘My Bids’ section, on the left of your 'My Account' page.

Bidding by telephone

Call: 0300 111 3570
Follow the instructions and enter the numbers in your reference number and memorable date
When prompted enter the reference number of the first property you would like to bid on
Follow the instructions if you want to make additional bids
The system will then confirm your bids

Bidding by text message

Open a new text message
Enter your Moving with Dacorum reference number followed by a space
Enter your memorable date followed by a space (your memorable date will always be in the format: DD/MM/YYYY)
If you have a second or third property that you would like to bid on enter each reference number followed by a space

If you are bidding on three properties the text should look like: 12345 01/01/2000 101 102 103

When you have entered all of your choices, send your text message to 07786 201 131