Shortlisting & Property Offers

Once the advertisement cycle has closed and all bidding has closed, the system will create a shortlist of bids.

How do you decide who is offered a property?

  • Once the closing date for bids has passed, we draw up a shortlist of interested applicants.
  • This shortlist is in order of eligibility according to the advertised criteria for that property.
  • The applicant at the top of the list will normally be offered the property after a thorough check of their application and verification of their circumstances.

I have shortlisted for a property, what does this mean?

  • Shortlisting is where you have placed a bid on a property and are one of the higher places on the list of bidders.
  • We will shortlist the bidders who are highest and make contact to obtain further information and verification processes.

I have been asked to provide documents for verification for shortlisting, why is this?

  • If you are near the top of the shortlist, the team will contact you to verify your application.
  • The verification process allows the team to confirm your application and obtain all the information required if you were to be offered the property. 

Will I be offered the property if I am shortlisting?

  • Maybe not. A shortlist is usually made up of those who are first to third on the final bid list. 
  • We must firstly verify the highest bidder’s application, so if we cannot offer them the property we will go to the second highest, then consecutively in order of the shortlist.

Can I view the property before being made an offer?

  • No – to make best use of staff time, we do not allow viewings properties before making you an offer of accommodation.
  • Where possible, we will provide images in our adverts.

I have been made an offer, do you require rent in advance?

  • Yes. Rent is charged weekly and payment is due in advance.
  • If you wish to pay by monthly Direct Debit you will need to pay a month in advance.
  • Unlike private landlords, we do not ask for any additional deposit payments.

How many offers do I get?

  • You will only receive one offer, no matter how many properties you have bid on.
  • If you refuse your single offer, your application will be suspended for six months and you will not be able to bid during this time.

Can I refuse a property offer?

  • Yes you can refuse an offer, but you should carefully consider your reasons for refusing.
  • If there are no reasonable and adequate reasons for your refusal of an offer of accommodation, your application will be suspended for six months and you will not be able to bid during this time.
  • Remember that it’s best only to bid on properties that you will accept, as you won’t be able to bid for six months if you refuse one that you are offered.