If you bid for a property, your name goes onto a shortlist of people who want to live in that particular property. The applicant placed at the top of that shortlist will be the applicant with the greatest housing need, which is assessed by their points total.

If you feel that you have been allocated an incorrect amount of points, please check your application to make sure that you have provided the Housing Options Team with all relevant information and that all fields have been accurately completed.

In most cases you will hear within two weeks if your bid was successful. However, there are situations where it may take longer to inform successful bidders. Before an offer of accommodation is made your application status and points will be checked by a home visit.

You will not be notified if you have been unsuccessful. But, we do provide weekly reports of:

The number of bids made on a property
The number of points the successful bidder had for each property

These reports are available in the Moving with Dacorum newsletter and on the Moving with Dacorum website.

Whether you receive an offer will depend on:

Your level of housing need
What is available in the areas you have asked to live in
The type and size of property you need (for example, many areas have very few family-sized houses available)
How many other households have higher housing needs.

The Housing Allocations Policy sets out how we prioritise applications based on your circumstances and your level of housing need. You can read this policy online at www.dacorum.gov.uk or http://www.movingwithdacorum.org.uk/ or by requesting a copy at the council offices.