The Housing Allocations Policy

The Housing Allocations Policy sets out how we prioritise applications for council and housing association homes based on your circumstances and level of housing need.

Housing Allocations Policy

The Housing Strategy 2013-2018

Our Housing Strategy provides a clear vision for housing in Dacorum, setting out long-term objectives, targets and policies.


   Housing Stategy 2013-2018 (PDF 720KB) 


The Homelessness Strategy 2016-2020

The Homelessness Strategy outlines how we are working with our partners to achieve part of the overall shared vision for the Housing Service.


  Homelessness Strategy 2016-2020 (PDF 1,487KB) 


The Older Persons' Housing Strategy 2014-2020

The Older Persons' Housing Strategy sets out our long-term plan to ensure future provision of suitable, high-quality housing options for older residents in the borough.


   Older Persons' Housing Strategy 2014-2020 (PDF 863KB)


Welcome to our Housing Advice & Options Service


  Welcome to our Housing Advice & Options Service (PDF 305KB)